What our couples are saying

For a couple who is camera shy, Daniel definitely managed to make both of us feel comfortable in front of the camera! The couple and bridal party photoshoot we did with Daniel was extremely fun as he was creative and innovative to the type of shots he wanted to capture. Daniel is easy to get along with, friendly, efficient and approachable and even took the time to sit down with us to understand what moments are important to us that we would like him to capture.

Looking at all the photos now, Daniel managed to captured many BEAUTIFUL and CANDID moments throughout the wedding! These are the kind of photographs that you want from your wedding as the REAL moments are what matters and Daniel accomplished that. Both the photographs and montage Daniel created was well done, and we couldn’t be happier. Many who have seen the photographs, not only commented how amazing our photographer was but also laughed and teared looking at them, and this is just a testament to Daniel’s brilliant photography skills.

You will not be disappointed if you decide to go with Daniel (in fact you should!) as your wedding photographer! Having photographed my sister’s and my wedding, Daniel will always be our first choice when it comes to choosing a photographer. Daniel, it has been fantastic working with you and we are glad you were part of our special day. Both Terence and I, and our family love your work and your personality! From the bottom of our hearts,
We couldn’t be more appreciative of all your help and effort throughout the entire wedding.


Daniel is someone whom you feel very comfortable working with. He sets you at ease and that's what makes the photos come off looking very natural.

He has a skill in capturing those moments between friends and the chemistry between the couple. He also shows extreme dedication and passion for his job. I respect what he does immensely and I can't thank him enough for capturing those precious memories for my wedding.

If you've hired Daniel, you're in good hands!


If you’re reading this, it means you’re already sold by the high standards of Daniel’s photography. You’ve seen his works and read the reviews by others. But thatʼs barely scratching the surface of what you need from a wedding photographer.

My wife and I met Daniel after having consulted two other wedding photographers. We liked him immediately. He has such a friendly personality, and from our conversation, we could tell that he has great passion for his craft. It was a world of difference. We placed our deposit on the spot.

Over the months we discussed our Pre-Wedding (PW) and Actual Day (AD) shoot details over email/WhatsApp. Daniel’s response is always very timely. He’s set such a high standard in promptness that we found ourselves doubting our choices of our vendors for other services! And trust me—with so many other moving parts in planning your wedding, the anxiety and frustration from chasing a vendor for a reply is the last thing you need.

Despite being an established and experienced photographer, Daniel is very humble and diligent in his work. He spares no effort in doing site visits so that he can plan ahead and be prepared for the shoot. He is also very helpful in coming up with ideas to make the shoot more interesting. He even dropped by our place to interview us on our family and relatives so that he could capture our event at the angle most meaningful to us.

On our AD, Daniel was like a supportive friend. He did his job and captured all the right moments, but more importantly, having seen so many weddings, he guided us along and kept us calm when things didn’t turn out the way we planned.

Many people often judge a photographer only by the pictures they produce. But years down the road, your memories of your wedding will inevitably be affected by how you felt on your big day—and the journey leading up to it. Working with Daniel certainly made our wedding journey much more enjoyable. 10/10 would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat! Thank you Daniel!


We absolutely LOVE Daniel! He’s professional, friendly and easy to be around. He is so humble and he makes you feel comfortable being around him/ his camera.

His photos are of great quality and they captured every aspect and detail of our pre-wedding shoot AND wedding so perfectly , from the dress, emotions, body language , candid moments. Check out his photos and you’ll know what I mean.

There’s a reason why he’s so well-loved by many ! Daniel is also punctual, reliable and replies promptly. He even kneeled on the ground during our Pws even though it was wet and dirty just so that he could capture a shot in a particular angle or adjust my dress even though it was wet and dirty.

Rain or shine, Daniel does his best and he does it with a smile! He even tolerated my nonsense like when I asked if my hair colour was alright. He’s really one the best out there, you will not be disappointed really great job Daniel!

Strongly recommended and we will choose you over and over again if we need to engage a photographer. We don’t know how else to express our gratitude and love for Daniel Beh but we just simply adore him!


Engaging Daniel was one of our best decision made for the wedding.

From our first meet-up with him to the wedding day itself, Daniel made everyone feel really at ease and so comfortable.

When we received our photos a month after our AD, Daniel personally delivered them to our place.

The photos were really well taken, we received lotsa compliments for it. And Daniel remembers every detail we spoke to him about, we merely mentioned we did not have PWS album and if time permits, we would like some photos in the hotel and he made that happened!

Thank you so much Daniel once again! Highly recommended!


My husband and I engaged Daniel to photograph our wedding lunch and dinner receptions earlier this year (just right before the various Covid-19 measures were implemented).

Daniel is truly extraordinary at capturing the small and beautiful moments (even amidst all the chaos of a wedding!). His photos are timeless - and they have truly captured all the happy moments with our loved ones on our wedding day.

Throughout the day, he was also professional and friendly. He would gently guide us and our guests where required, but he was never once intrusive or pushy.

Going through the photos now from the comforts of our home has been a real joy for us and our families and friends.

It has been an absolute delight working with Daniel and I cannot recommend him more!


Daniel Beh is probably the BEST photographer one can ever find! Perhaps BEST does not even cut it.

Firstly, he is very professional, and can make even couples who feel awkward in front of the camera, feel so natural, and most importantly look so good in the pictures. Not only is he good at directing people to take photos, he also ensures that the photography sessions are very enjoyable and relaxed.

He has a talent in photography, using nature, and even reflections to make a photo that much more interesting than the norm. And to add on, the editing of the photos with such natural glow is something that is hard to achieve, but yet he does it so effortlessly.

But above all of this, Daniel is a very sincere person who goes all out and the extra mile to deliver the best service, replying ever so promptly, receeing sites in advance, all just to ensure that the product that he delivers is the best. To our families and friends, he is more than a photographer, and will always be a friend!

He is really so amazing, and you will never regret having him as your photographer!


The first impression we had about Daniel was approachable, warm and awesomely friendly.

He is constantly listening to our plans and helping/guiding us in tweaking our arrangement. Given his reputation as a renowned photographer, there isn’t any airs about him nor his attitude!

Throughout the event, he was always around picking the moment as well as prompting us to create moments that will be captured. He is extremely professional till a point we didn’t even realise his presence.

We have recently received our photos! To our surprise, it was him who had hand-delivered the pictures. His down to earth approach and feeling that he gave was what made us so sure to have him as our photographer!

The photos were AMAZING! He captured so much moment that we didn’t even know he was around at that time!

Nothing but the best!
Thank you so much for giving us a beautiful set of memories!


We had our photoshoot with Daniel in New Zealand and boy, did we had an amazing time!

We were able to hit off with Daniel very easily and he was super flexible and accommodating with the locations that we were interested in having our pictures taken at.

Our 2 days shoot ended in a flash as we were having such an awesome time and secretly wished that it was longer :)

We love it that during the photoshoot we went off the beaten tracks and did some pretty amazing and cool stuff that we will not have done so otherwise on our own.

Kudos to Daniel's suggestions and for his help to recee certain specific spots that we want during the shoot. Not forgetting that we were spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting our pictures for our album as every shot turned out great!

Thanks Daniel for being part of our adventure!


Last year about this time was when we just ended our PWS adventure with Daniel at Lofoten Islands. He braved through the super strong wind and tough weather with us during the shoot, at times even almost risking his safety!

Although it was supposed to be a 2 days shoot, but our actual shooting confirm overshot that duration. He was not calculative at all and even helped us to monitor the Aurora forecast so much so we managed to have our PWS with the Aurora as a backdrop, a very amazing and wonderful experience indeed. The pictures turned out so beautiful, some people even thought the background was photoshopped!

Daniel is also the most efficient wedding vendor we engaged. He managed to churn out a church wedding montage for us within 5 days which made us tear and felt touched reminiscing the day looking at the candid shots he took.

Some of our family members also praised him for his professionalism, even my MIL asked whether can engage him for her company events. If you are looking for a wedding PG who is more than just a vendor, but a friend who's most willing to help throughout your wedding prep, down to earth despite the awards he won, go all out to capture the "Picture Perfect" moments in his words.

Daniel is definitely the one to look for! Thank you so much Daniel, Jonathan and I truly enjoyed our journey with you!


More than 5stars!!!

Daniel's forte is his sensitivity to details and his ability to capture raw emotions of not just the bride & groom, but also our loved ones. He captured many special moments and items which we have missed out whilst we buzzed around during the wedding. Browsing through some of the pictures Daniel snapped brought tears to my eyes (a first for me!), for he was able to freeze all the emotions in just one frame! indeed, his picture tells more than a thousand words.

Daniel's professionalism is commendable, for he would not stop until he gets a shot he was happy with. He would turn up earlier than initially agreed time, and spends time to get to know us as a couple prior to our shoots. During the wedding day, he ensured that he was not intruding, allowing us to enjoy and immerse ourselves in whatever we do. Even during times when he has little requests, he would ask gently and ensured our schedule would not be delayed.

A BIG THANK YOU for all the pictures, Daniel!!!!! We're very very glad we engaged you!!! Thank you for capturing all those special precious moments of us and our loved ones - a keepsake for us to hold on to forever!!!


Choosing the photographer. Another point in your seemingly endless wedding checklist. Some of us will go for what I call the "state board approach": have a look around, ask for quotations and then choose among the three lowest quotes. Others prefer to go with the "atas" approach: if the photographer is expensive and/or associated with a bridal studio He MUST be good. There are elements of truths in these two extremes, but it's not the whole picture.

When we met Daniel, I knew he was going to be our wedding photographer. He showed us some of his previous works, great pictures with both vibrant colours and soft tones, interesting composition and never a boring shot. I was impressed by his ability to capture emotions in such a short time frame.

I strongly recommend Daniel for your once in a lifetime event!


Precious, sacred moments, subtle emotions of our family members, and important rituals were the key elements to be captured in our wedding.

Daniel Beh was very present to the process, pleasant and professional in responding to the emerging needs in the temple wedding.

He did a par excellent photography in not only focusing on various people and dimensions for any given ritual but also capturing a 360 effectively.

The end product was better than we had imagined. The colors stood out even though the lighting inside the temple was not optimal. All the various moments were captured beautifully.

Thank You Daniel. We wish you all the best.


It was an absolute joy to have Daniel photograph our wedding day. We've received so many compliments on picking such a great photographer, though much of the credit really goes to him for being one of Singapore's best wedding photographers.

Not only was Daniel utterly professional throughout the entire process (Performing thorough site recces before the big day, setting up meetings to find out more about our photography preferences, and calmly putting my photo-shy parents and husband at ease for example) his photojournalism style was able to accurately convey the fun mood of the occasion.

Daniel is extremely flexible and will do his utmost to photograph everyone in a way that you're most comfortable with once you let him know your preferences. My husband despises having his photo taken, but Daniel was so steady and quick that couple shots were a breeze. On the wedding day itself family and friends all remarked on how gentle and friendly he was, whether coordinating group pictures for over 60 people or discreetly snapping candid shots of everyone.

Most importantly, the photos from that day turned out amazingly well - we were thrilled with the album, and our guests were too. Vivid and elegant, they really managed to capture the heart of various key moments. We'll be able to look back very fondly on our wedding thanks to Daniel's help.